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About Me

 I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in the New York area. I work with individuals and couples, to help improve their quality of life and relationships. The most common issues I treat are depression, anxiety, sexual, and relationship problems. My approach is called collaborative, which means I look at my work as a partnership with each client. I don't have an authoritative or specific agenda; my goal is simply to help my clients achieve their goals. 


It can be really hard to reach out for professional help. I can't even count how many times a new client begins with the words: "I've been putting this off for awhile..." It's human nature to sometimes avoid the unknown or the difficult, so to help you through that, I try to make therapy as gentle as possible, while also aiming for brief treatment with observable results.


The first step is a short email consultation, whereby you can ask me what you'd like to know about the work I do, and tell me what you feel I need to know about your situation and the work you're looking to do. My job at that point is to let you know whether I believe I can help you, based on your therapeutic goals. If it's not what I do, I try to offer referrals. I believe that therapy doesn't need to begin as a commitment; I invite clients to begin with an initial session to explore what therapy can do for you, and afterwards, take a little time to think about whether or not you'd like to continue. You are never committed beyond the next session you schedule. Good therapy is very much about interpersonal fit, and that's up to you to decide.



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