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Elisheva Liss


Improve Your Mental Health, Improve Your Life

I’m Elisheva Liss, and I’m a licensed psychotherapist. My training is in marriage and family therapy, but I treat individuals, in addition to working with couples.

I’m also a writer, speaker, and digital educator. 

I’ve learned that there are different ways people like go about improving their quality of life; I know I love to have options:

Some like to come to an office for therapy sessions

Some like to do virtual or phone sessions, especially, say, during Pandemics.

Some like to read books.

Some like to take digital courses. 

Some like to read articles.

Some like videos or podcasts.

We’ve got something for everyone!

I especially love to share thoughts, ideas, tips, and corny humor with my exclusive subscriber list, sign up below:


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Do you want to give your kids better education about sexuality than you got?

  • Feeling shame around talking to your kids about sexual matters

  • Knowing how to answer their questions

  • Figuring out how much to share at each age

  • Wanting to prepare them for puberty and adulthood but not being clear about how

Sacred Not Secret

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What We Offer

We offer self enclosed digital courses for you to go through at your own pacing.


One on One Counseling

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Video Tutorials

Watch and learn from Elisheva as she dives into various topics.

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