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I Checked My Privilege. Here's What I Found:

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I found that I am, indeed, quite privileged.

I was raised by two loving, wise, imperfect, but dedicated parents.

I was taught the value of asking questions, critical thinking, and self-education.

I was taught the values of hard work, humility, respecting others, and taking responsibility.

I was born into a religious tradition that gives me a framework for spirituality and contribution.

I have always had access to food, water, clothing, shelter, health care, and education.

I have physical health, mental health, and a work ethic.

I am part of a large loving, family: of origin, nuclear, and extended.

I’m blessed with meaningful relationships.

I have always lived in places with a sense of community and friendship.

I live in a time and country that offer freedom and opportunity.

I was taught that it’s ok to make mistakes, make amends, and commit to do better.

I have tremendous job satisfaction.

I allow myself outlets for nature and creativity.

I have access to the internet- which essentially means unlimited resources and knowledge.

I was taught that real joy and fulfillment come from making a difference.

I’m part of a nation whose history includes having been subjected to slavery, genocide, persecution, and discrimination, but despite that continuously chooses resilience, self-sufficiency, peacefulness, advocacy, contribution, and faith.

I’ve faced personal challenges and learned important life lessons “the hard way.”

I’ve learned that empowerment trumps entitlement, and that resilience outperforms indignation.

I’m working on having the integrity and courage to stand up to different kinds of adversity.

I’ve been taught to appreciate what I have, and take responsibility for what I want.

And I’ve been taught the perspective and perseverance that a broken world can slowly be repaired and healed, one good deed at a time.

I am definitely privileged.

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