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New Order of Priorities Now

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

  1. Medical Safety of Your Family and Everyone Else- Community and the General Public

  2. Basic Necessities: Food, Toiletries, Hygiene, Household Supplies

  3. Psychological Safety of Your Family and Anyone for Whom You’re Responsible

  4. Emotional Well-Being of Your Family et al.

  5. Functionality of Your Family- Systems that Work FOR YOU and Each Family Member

  6. Making Money- You Know, Like to Feed Your Family and Stuff

  7. Creative and Contributive Outlets

  8. Social Connections - Video Calling Friends and Family

  9. Educational Stimulation- According to Individual Needs and Interests

  10. Entertainment and Recreation

Notice what didn’t even make it on to this list? Schoolwork. Homework assignments. Zoom calls pretending to be classrooms.

Right. Not a priority. Not even a little.

If your kids enjoy that, then great- buy their teacher a mug, or four.

 But if it’s stressing you or your kids out?

Leave it alone. It’s just not worth it.

They will not remember more than 50% of what they learn scholastically.

They will remember family relationships, patience, emotional validation, and resilience.

Focus on what matters.

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