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No Camp? What Are We Supposed to Do??

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Are you one of the many parents who thought they were finally going to get a much-needed break from 24/7 parenting by sending your kids to summer programs, only to find out that now you’re not? Families are scrambling and pivoting plans each day, as the news from the summer programs trickles out and keeps changing. In case this all hasn’t been stressful enough.

Last week, I was excited to pre-launch my Intro to Homeschooling course, which had been inspired by the many parents who have been seeking information about homeschooling as a practice even beyond Covid. While I was grateful to have enough enrollments to have made it worthwhile, I was surprised because I thought there would be more. (There will be:)

That’s when a friend pointed out to me:

“Elisheva- even if I were super gung-ho about homeschooling for September, this is not the week I would be thinking about it or getting a course on it. We’re all in survival mode about the summer plans! Everyone is trying to figure out July- not September.”

Of course, she was right. For us, it didn’t make much of a difference; we’re used to doing our own family programming. And I’m excited to share all about what that looks like and how it can be applied to some of you.

But I realized that what families need now is a plan for the summer. Since I’ve learned a lot about time management, scheduling, activities, and parenting over the course of our family summers, I figured I would share some tips, tools, and ideas to help get parents up and running for the summer.

So I put together a resource:

A PDF sample daily schedule for families, to be sent via email to all my weekly Schmoozeletter subscribers (it’s free email content- you can just drop your email in the subscribe box below to join and receive the PDF with the email this week.) But wait there's more! I’ll also be releasing a video explanation to go with it, linked in the PDF. The emails sometimes go to promotions, so be sure to look there too. And as always, I so appreciate your constructive feedback! Wishing everyone a safe and healthy summer:)

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